March 7:

  • In Part One, you’ll find out from two fathers how they decided who would make the middle-of-the-night journey from Texas to California to meet their daughter in the hospital. 

April 4:

  • In Part Two, you’ll hear from parents who, just as they were about to give up on the adoption process, got the much-awaited “call.”  

May 2:

  • In Part Three, you’ll listen to the heartwarming and challenging story of two dads whose relationship with their birthmother was cut short by her tragic passing. 

June 6:

  • In Part Four, you’ll hear about the fear and uncertainty experienced by a family whose birthmother had second thoughts and wanted her baby back (and the happy ending that followed)! 

These stories will surprise and inspire you while demonstrating that every adoption journey is unique, each with its blessings and challenges. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to hear these incredible first-hand accounts!  


This event will be moderated by Michelle Nobriga, Director of Adoption Connection.


Registration fees go to support Adoption Connection’s mission. (If you are unable to attend, you’ll receive credit for future events). 

$60 Registration per part

$200 Early Bird Registration for complete 4-part series until March 1st



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